About us

In the winter of 2013 we agreed to provide assistance to needy members of Club Tercera Edad in Bucerias in exchange for the senior women making craft items to sell at the weekly markets. The monies raised at the markets provided for medication and health care for the club’s needy members. We soon recognized there were countless needy seniors who are not members of Club Tercera Edad
SMiguel womanWhen one of our volunteers advised us he could provide for the needs of the club members,we decided to expand our horizons and reach out to non club members to provide assistance where needed.
We soon became aware of instances of elder abuse and the lack of everyday comforts many of the Mexican seniors are faced with. While we recognize that there is tremendous poverty in Mexico,we also recognize that many children do not care for their aging, ailing parents. It is simply not acceptable that a senior woman should sleep on cardboard placed on a dirt floor. Further it is not acceptable that this woman’s children would sell a bed we could donate for her comfort. In view of our observations of the lack of care and comforts afforded the needy elderly population in and around the Bucerias area we feel these pioneers deserve proper care that can be afforded through an assisted living home.

While our main focus is to raise funds for an assisted living home to provide the local aging population with the comforts they so deserve, we continue to solicit donations of wheelchairs,walkers,prescription eyeglasses,reading glasses, hearing aids, beds,clothing,blankets and other household donations from Canada and from local tourists to provide an interim solution.

Our hearts flutter when Elana refers to the walker we donated to her as her car and tells us she was able to attend church for the first time in 2 years by using the walker and resting on the seat along the way. This same woman now has a comfortable bed to sleep on and new sheets to cover the bed. Sr. Alvarez is now more mobile with a walker to replace the old crutches he used to get around on his severely enlarged and arthritic legs. The smile on this man’s face when he received the walker was heartwarming and conveyed his appreciation. This man has eight children and only one with a limited income visits her father.

By Canadian or American standards our financial needs are small but fund raising in Mexico is not an easy task. We raise funds through sales at craft markets, fund raising dinners and donations and are seeking assistance to meet our goal of $10,000,000 mexican pesos required to build the home through service clubs and corporate donations.
Your donations will help us meet our goal.